Anti-HER3 therapeutic antibodies

SunRock is developing a, new, top-of-the-shelf IgG with improved affinity (picomolar EC50) and a binding site that keeps HER3 in a close conformation, interferes with HER2 binding to HER3 and prevents dimerisation, therefore interrupting signaling in the absence of ligand. This new IgG has yielded results in FaDu hypopharingeal cancer xenografts with TGI values of up to 80%. Also, bispecific anti-HER3/anti-EGFR antibodies are being developed in different formats. These bsAbs have yielded in vitro results against several triple-negative breast cancer cell lines with EC50 values in the nanomolar range and are aimed at overcoming resistances to therapeutic agents such as Cetuximab in colorectal cancer or Doxorubicin in triple negative breast cancer.

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